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Mohamet B Diallo.

A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.

About The Man


Mohamet B. Diallo is a chairman and the chief executive officer of Vrookeet Tech. An investment conglomerate valued in the technology industry. For the last seven years Diallo has consistently turned heads with his unprecedented partnerships. Diallo continues to expand his influence through a number of other investments, particularly within the fashion industry and within the field of energy. The Senegalese native is constantly evolving and remaining relevant in a dynamic digital age by broadening his scope within the youth. Mohamet grew up in Dakar, Senegal. His father had a keen interest in politics. Through the exposure experienced through travelling beside his father on various campaign trails Diallo acquired six different languages. Diallo’s mother served the Senegalese community as an educator for over twenty years.

Today Diallo is one of the few africans that's breaking barriers within the tech industry. From creating job opportunities within communities, to reshaping the corporate understanding of urban areas, Diallo’s foundation WHY NOT AFRICA raises awareness, enhances social value and increases the economic strength of those we serve..

Core Values

Build The Plane As We Fly It

serves as a belief that we are risk-takers and adventurers and are always looking for how we can push ourselves and our company to the level of what’s possible.


We strive continuously to improve and manifest our mission to the communities we serve.


Our work increases the social and economic strength of individuals and communities.


Strategic Alliances : We establish key partnerships to increase the quality of life for ethnically diverse, urban communities by providing quality entertainment products and services.

Direct Investment : Diallo strategically invested in varied businesses in multiple industries that support the development and empowerment communities. Our approach to building businesses leverages its unique access to opportunities capital and talent.

Speaking Engagements : Diallo provide leadership and educational messaging in a variety of industries to audiences ranging from C-Level executives to children by one of the most motivating and inspirational speakers in the word.

We Over Deliver : Mohamet B Diallo enterprises takes pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything we do, extending beyond expectations to deliver the maximum impact in every endeavor.


The question is not just what politics is best, but the more precise question should also state for whom. Democracy, as it is called and what it only in mere appearence is (multi party system, voter rights, etc.), while in essence contains the dictatorship of the bourgoisie (democracy of the minority) - the owners of the means of production - which for them best fits their purposes. In appearence there are plenty of parties to choose from, in reality the working class has no real power to improve their conditions.

For the proletariat, this system is however not the best system there is, since it existences is dependend on the mass plundering of the labourers, keeping the wages lowest. Their needs on good working conditions and social conditions would be best met with a dictatorship of the proletariat (democracy of the majority). A type of government that is based on the proletariat as the ruling class, does not imply a one party system, as such will depend on historic conditions, at this point i realised that i was always confused on what democracy really meant in the 21 century.

Mohamet B Diallo.